A Visit With The Robertsons

Hitty Jean has just returned from visiting her friends, the Robertson Hittys.  Such a fun, busy time!  Ima Maxwell and Ima Robertson spent most of the week pretending they were twins.
They even found two dresses exactly alike – they had a terrific time:

left out

Hitty Jean and HittyBelle spent much of the time outdoors with the other Hittys – the weather was so perfectly crisp and clear it was hard to stay indoors.  However, one day it rained and the two Hittys played with the Baby House for hours on end.  In fact, Hitty Robertson had to come find them – she had been calling them to dinner for the past ten minutes!

baby house

There are no friends better than Hitty friends, and it was hard to leave, but Hitty Jean is safely home again.
You can read much more about the visit in Hitty Robertson’s Journal.

‘Til Next Time…


7 thoughts on “A Visit With The Robertsons

  1. You all must have had a wonderful time! It looks like such fun. And because of Esther, I bought a baby house and found I enjoyed putting together furniture kits that would fit on your fingernail, except when a piece fell on the floor and that part wasn’t such fun!



      • I had a wonderful time putting all those tiny kits together and used some metal furniture as well, which I just repainted. Then I bought tiny little cats and a tiny little dog and painted them like our long-ago pets. There was hardly any room to cram anything else in…oh, wait, I bought little bitty kids and then the house was done. I really was thrilled! Billie


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