A Visit with Tasha Tudor

All packed and ready to go!  Hitty Jean waved goodbye as she and Hitty Jenny set off for an adventure in Vermont : A stop was made at the Putney General Store to pick up some postcards:And then…down a winding Vermont road, past beautiful hills and meadows, a turn down a long dirt road, which led to….the Rookery!  This is where Tasha Tudor’s daughter, Bethany, once lived. It is next door to Tasha’s home. No photos were allowed at Tasha’s house, so Hitty Jean insisted on a photo here. This house is very similar to, if a bit smaller than, Tasha’s house. It is also the site of the most amazing store of all things Tasha Tudor:After gathering at the Rookery, everyone walked down the road to Tasha’s home. Hitty Jean was so excited, she thought she might burst!*****

Tasha’s home and gardens bring to life many of her illustrations. Hitty Jean’s favorite part was the marionette theatre. What fun it would be to play there!  And of course the dollhouse was set up just outside Tasha’s bedroom. That was her most, most favorite part! Hitty Jean took note of the dolls’ bookcase, full of antique, leather-bound books. All were perfectly doll-sized. A very friendly corgi lives in the dollhouse as well.

Hitty Jean saw, with her own eyes, the actual cupboard and bowl depicted in this illustration:
In the garden, Hitty Jean walked past the “Mystery Rose” which is where Tasha was laid to rest, along with Chickahominy-her beloved hen, and many of her Corgis. It was a solemn moment.


After the tour (and some shopping!) it was time for the Dolls’ Fair!  Hitty Jean and Hitty Violette were excited to present their booth. They had been creating hats for weeks and now all were on display and for sale. (Market stands like Hitty’s Hatties are available for commission at Art to Play With.) The currency used at the Dolls’ Fair was buttons, of course, and there were plenty to go around. Hitty’s Hatties sold out!Hitty Lin is a new friend from New York. She was one of the first customers.  Hitty Jean had a great time helping her to choose just the right hat:

At the Ice stand, Hitty Jean met some unsavory Boggarts. Tasha Tudor writes about them in “Corgiville Fair.”  Hitty Jean found them to be a raucous, funny pair and a bit rough around the edges!  
So many beautiful things at this stand!  Hitty Jean chose a delicate pink flower, and a sturdy garden hose:
 This stand was another favorite:  There was a Sparrow Post for doll correspondences:
 And an entire stand of Fairy crowns!  Hitty Jean chose one with beautiful dark flowers and mushrooms, as the proprietor told her it was made especially to fit her head!  (Thank you, Wilhelmina!): Have you heard of Eliza the Mouse?  Hitty Jean is lucky to own a couple of books about her, so was thrilled to meet her in person. They were fast friends: There was a craft time, which required the Hittys to listen to directions. They did a wonderful job sitting still, but Bécassine was more interested in the candy:  One of the Boggarts took a particular liking to Hitty Jean (it got a bit awkward). He came by her table to chat and crack jokes. Hitty Jean tried to shoot some pleading glances towards Hitty Lin, but she was more interested in the chocolates. I am proud to say that Hitty Jean remained polite and composed until someone came and whisked the Boggarts away:
  The next morning…Cinnamon Rolls!  After checking out of the hotel, a stop was made at the Tasha Tudor Museum.  Again, Hitty Jean was enamoured by the doll’s items. It was hard to pull her away from the case:
 Alas, the time came to say goodbye to our new friends. What a special trip this was. We thank the Tudors for hosting our tour, and Suzanne for organizing the details.  Many other kindred spirits had a part in organizing this event, and we thank them as well! Hitty Jean has wonderful memories of Tasha’s home and garden and is inspired to Take Peace and Joy as she lives out her dolly days.

For more on Tasha Tudor, follow this safe link.

Bethany Tudor is a marvelous artist and has many books available on Amazon.

‘Til Next Time

13 thoughts on “A Visit with Tasha Tudor

  1. Thank you Martha… It looks to me like all the Hittys had smiles on their faces to see the wonders of Tasha Tudors home and the fun fair after. Judy


  2. what a wonderful narrative and your photos really brought this adventure to life. I am so happy that it was all you hoped for!! I confess to a bit of
    Tasha/Hitty envy!! Thank you for sharing.


    • So glad you enjoyed it! We were sad we couldn’t take photos on the property, but then again…we would have been so focused on photo-taking, it was best to just take it all in.


  3. My goodness, what an amazing expedition – it seems like everyone had a wonderful time exploring and shopping and admiring everything – thanks so much for recounting your adventure…the treasure of such memories is unparalleled!


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