Road Trip!

Hitty Jean has just returned from a road trip!  Road trips are the most fun when you stop along the way, and that is exactly what she did. Her favorite stop was a farm in Pennsylvania called Over Home Alpacas, where the Alpacas welcomed her by crowding up against the fence: 

The folks at this farm were so welcoming and friendly. The woman who ran the shop said that her grandmother had grown up on the farm, so they have been there for three generations!  The Alpaca Welcoming Committee was all females. The young males were in the fields running and sparring. You can see them behind Hitty Jean: 


The Farm Store was right next to the Alpaca barns. It was full of all things Alpaca. The owner tried to teach Hitty Jean about the two different kinds of Alpacas, but Hitty Jean was so distracted by all the goodies that she wasn’t a very good listener. (Ahem…). She did meet this rather large fellow: 


The smaller, baby Alpacas were her favorites:


 Until they ran away and would NOT come back! 

Thankfully, the farmers had more experience in Alpaca chasing and the Alpacas were rounded up safely. 

Hitty Jean was sad to leave, as everything was so lovely there. She took time to admire the view on her way out: 


Little did Hitty Jean know, there would be many more stops, and many more *views*.  Signs on the highway that read “Scenic Lookout” we’re met with loud groans, but the driver always seemed to stop anyway!  In Maryland, there was this view of the valley where the Battle of Monocacy was fought in July of 1864:

The driver told Hitty Jean all about the battle, but Hitty Jean was busy looking for her water bottle and chewing gum, so again, she may not have listened too well…

Then there was the view of the Matamoras Valley, where the Native Americans thrived. Hitty Jean *thinks* that something was said about the Europeans settling there and pushing the Natives out.  It was hard to listen in the 90-plus degree heat, and Hitty Jean got back to the car and the air-conditioning as quickly as possible. She did take in the view, albeit briefly:

While the Scenic Views were met with groans, the pit stops at Cracker Barrel were met with happier sounds. Hitty Jean and her friend Hitty Elizabeth loved playing the peg game while they waited for their meals:

The idea is to jump the pegs until only one is left. It is much harder than it looks. They tried dozens of times before – success!  Hitty Elizabeth did it!

Hitty Jean is home now. She has unpacked her suitcases and is already thinking about another trip. But the next time anyone mentions the *Scenic Route* – she may opt out. 

‘Til Next Time…❤️

14 thoughts on “Road Trip!

  1. Alpacas sure look great, especially those small ones!!! Have to say I am with Hitty Jean on the Scenic views in the heat…but we do enjoy them when it’s cool out. Anyhow, we are thankful for her sharing all about the road trip!


  2. Hitty Jean would find like company…. as far as paying attention … when it’s so darned hot! Every trip is a good one when something comes home with the traveler…. like a couple new pets.


  3. Yes, it’s hard to feel like being educated when you are actually being singed, cooked, or turned to ashes…….but it is very beautiful country in this area and I love history, but not heat. I loved the alpaca farm! The photos were fun. The animals are fun too.


  4. Hittys do take us to interesting and fun places, but I do wish they could work their Hitty-magic on the weather! I suppose we wouldn’t appreciate the Autumn as much without the heat of summer, though. Sigh. Did Hitty Jean bring home something from the Alpacas with knitting in mind?


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