Summer Postcard

Greetings from Nantasket Beach!

‘Til Next Time! ❤️❤️❤️

16 thoughts on “Summer Postcard

  1. My, Hitty Jean, you seem to have a different dress for each post and always look so cool and comfortable. Does your person spend a great deal of tome caring for your ardrobe?
    What a beautiful place to be at this time of year. Today is our person’s wedding anniversary and a trip WAS planned to Borth, but it’s pouring down, so the seasde might not be the best place for us to be. Perhaps a cosy day in with a film and a tasty meal is in order instead?
    Have fun on the beach.
    Mary Not-Quite-Hitty xx


  2. Of course, dear Hitty Jean, that was suposed to say ‘wardrobe’ not ‘ardrobe!’ We seem to have sticky key problems on our laptop again! Mary N-Q-H xxx


  3. Always a pleasure to take peeks into Hitty Jean’s adventures. She is one of my favorite Hittys. I keep trying to make one for myself like her. 😀


  4. Hitty Jean and Dallas must have had the same idea for spending the week… Dallas found the most beautiful weather this week on Hatteras Island… National Seashore … she’s going to look into more information on the several areas set aside for turtle eggs waiting to hatch… that her caretaker human saw as she walked the beach in the mornings.


  5. Hitty Jean,
    I loved that beach as a kid. Maybe we shall meet you there some summer. Hitty Primrose is ready for a Cape Cod adventure and says to tell you that your hats she purchased at the Doll’ s Fair are all packed.


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