So Much to See!

Hitty Jean and Hitty Robertson were left to explore the most interesting home!  They came across a box of Little Michaels waiting for their sailor suits. What a curious sight – they were all cordial, if not a tiny bit embarrassed:In another corner of the room was the most beautiful doll. (Sadly, she didn’t talk much):Hitty Robertson found some French knots in progress. She told Hitty Jean about how this would become a rug when finished. Hitty Robertson knows a great deal about French knots: My word!  Such a beautiful kitchen!  A large number of Hittys were expected for dinner, so Hitty Robertson got to work: What a fun day exploring the Brown’s home. Hitty friends are the best friends!

The next day was another special day…

‘Til Next Time…


10 thoughts on “So Much to See!

  1. The Brown’s House Hitty family was overwhelmed with excitement at seeing so many Hitty sisters return all at one time… they loved the visit and wonderful stories …. they all stayed awake all night, while their caretakers slept, telling stories of their own new lives.


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