Miniature Show

The following day was the miniature show at Tysons Corner!  What fun!  Left to her own devices, Hitty Jean shopped and shopped. So many things to see and buy:

Hitty Jean was in love with this wonderful chair – hand painted and offered by Art to Play With

Alas, being “in love” does not fatten the wallet, and the beautiful chair had to be left behind.

All good things must end, and Hitty Jean was sad when it was time to leave the show. The Hittys were due back at the Robertson’s, and it was a long drive.  Friends were hugged and goodbyes were said…

‘Til Next Time


8 thoughts on “Miniature Show

    • I know…I am regretting the chair a bit…it was wonderful. There were two, and one went home with a Hitty friend, so that was nice. 😊😊😊
      Thanks for letting me know about the pictures. Luckily an easy fix!


      • So glad the picture fix was easy! Love all of the installments of your adventures coming to and in VA. Thanks so much for sharing!


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