Sheep and Wool Festival

 What a beautiful setting for a festival!  The trees were just beginning to change, the weather was delightful. Vermont did not disappoint!

Yarn and fiber vendors were scattered about the fairgrounds, but the favorite part (for Ima and Hitty Jean) was the livestock barns. They just couldn’t tear themselves away from the llamas, alpacas and sheep. An Icelandic Sheep was a particular friend: While they busied themselves admiring the animals, Aunt Doll went off to peruse the many yarn vendors. There was oh, so much yarn to admire: And now, the dolls are all safely home, the yarn stash has been replenished,  and Aunt Doll is getting ready to settle in with a nice knitting project. ‘Til Next Time…


10 thoughts on “Sheep and Wool Festival

  1. We had so much fun at the festival and I am so happy that we went. The drive through Vermont and back to Massachusetts was beautiful– not so many leaves changing yet. Great pictures of the fair grounds and of the Icelandic sheep.


  2. Looks like a fun day! I haven’t gone to that one in a few years, perhaps next:-) Not like I need more yarn…LOL! Aunt Doll is wearing a very becoming dress. We had had a new girl arrive here-Ima. Everyone is still so excited and eating too many sweeties with their tea. Will have to post to Take Peace soon!


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