A Visit in Sturbridge 

Gathering in Sturbridge has become an annual event, and Hitty Jean couldn’t be happier!  What could be better than dear friends, good food, and an abundance of miniatures ?!  Well, let us start at the beginning:

Can you see how excited Hitty Jean is?  Lunch at Soup to Nuts has become a tradition. Lots of chatter and delicious food. Here is Dallas – she had just returned from a train journey across Canada!  (If you look closely, you may be able to see that she is still holding her passport.)

Another tradition is wearing the *Tablecloth Pinnys*.  (You may remember them from last year.)  Everyone, look at the camera!  

Hitty Jean made a new friend, and together they shopped at the Miniatures Show:

There was so much to see!  A farmer was selling vegetables:

They had a ball playing in a gazebo:

Hitty Jean spent a ridiculously long time looking at all the yarn on offer. Her new friend did not seem to see the allure, but hopefully she will learn!

There were several Hittys at the show hoping to go home with a new Hitty family. How exciting for them!  Hugs were given and goodbyes said as the Hittys went their separate ways:

And now, Hitty Jean and her new friend are home. It is time for some Spring cleaning at the Maxwell Hitty House…Back to the everyday until the next adventure!

‘Til Next time…

But wait!  There is a P.S.- And a game!

Here is some information about the items in the photos:

The Vegetable Stand, Gazebo and Yarn Store were made by Art to Play With.

The Hitty in the Green dress and Hitty Jean’s new friend were carved by Judy Brown. 

The Farmer was made by Judy Mullins. 

The needle-pointed chair was made by Roy Bubbenmoyer. 

You can find out more about these Artists at Hitty’s Place

A hug and thank you to the Robertson Hittys for our tablecloth pinnys. 

And a game!  In “Where’s Waldo” fashion….how many Hittys can you recognize in our group photo?

Feel free to tap it to see a larger version…and HAVE FUN!

And now…Hitty Jean is saying, “Goodbye!”

‘Til Next Time…


11 thoughts on “A Visit in Sturbridge 

  1. I think I see 34 Hittys in the picture, but I only know Hitty Robertson, Hitty Jean and Dallas Hitty…is Hitty Moonbeam there? I thought I might see Sophie. Well there certainly must have been a hullabaloo whoever all was there! Thanks for the précis, I wish I could have been there!


  2. Oh I absolutely loved your post. I could look at this for hours. I have really tried hard not to get too into Hitty, but It is hard not to. I love the little aprons, so so sweet. What a delight and what fun.


  3. The Country Hittys and their human so enjoyed your outing. Ohhhh to be with you at such a wonderful event. So pleased that it looks as though everyone had a grand time. Thank you for sharing.


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