A Visit to Bermuda

Hitty Jean took her new friend, Hitty Sparrow, on a cruise to Bermuda!  Hitty Jean has cruised to Bermuda before and was delighted to have an enthusiastic *Cruise Buddy* along this time. (Remember when Bécassine came along? NOT a success…). Here they are at the port in New York City:From the dining room, they could see the aircraft carrier Intrepid. Surviving five kamikaze attacks and a strike from a torpedo – all in World War Two – the Intrepid is now the focus of the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. Hitty Sparrow liked the looks of the Concorde, but Hitty Jean explained why they had been retired. Hitty Sparrow decided that it looked rather frightening after all:They set sail and were delighted to see the Statue of Liberty:They sailed through the harbor…
…and out to sea:They spent two days at sea on their way to Bermuda. They learned the difference between “Whiskey” and “Whisky” – do you know?  It is spelled with an “e” only if the country it originates from has an “e” in its name.They saw the Cirque de Soleil and made some new friends. (Hi, friends!). Here is Hitty Jean before the show. It was a Jungle themed performance and was spectacular!The morning after the second at-sea day…..

“Land Ho!”Hitty Sparrow couldn’t take her eyes off the Pilot Ship that guided them safely into the harbor. Original Hitty certainly didn’t experience this in her whaling ship days…Hittys Jean and Sparrow had wonderful adventures in Bermuda…but to read those tales, you will have to wait…

‘Til Next Time…


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