Bermuda, Part 2

Hitty Jean went to the Spicelands Equestrian Center in Bermuda:She got on a horse:And she rode the whole way to the beach:Later on, Hitty Jean and Hitty Sparrow spent some time together on another beach:Hitty Jean simply could not resist the water, so she went for a quick paddle! Floating is easy when you are wooden:Here she is at a cove where the humans were snorkeling. It was so beautiful!Hitty Jean took the ferry into Hamilton, the Capital of Bermuda. Can you see her?Here is a closeup…It is always important to mind your manners in Bermuda. Bermudians take things such as manners very seriously. Hitty Jean tried to be very polite and proper on the ferry:Front Street in Hamilton is one of Hitty Jean’s most favorite places on Earth:The stores are all so quaint, and there are many beautiful mosaics:The view across the harbor is quintessential Bermuda-can you guess which house is Hitty Jean’s favorite?Hitty Jean hated to sail away from her beloved Bermuda, but needs must. All too soon it was time to be back aboard and off the ship went, into the sunset towards home…‘Til Next Time…


P.S.- Come back soon for towel animals!!!!!

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