Visiting in Canada

Great Aunt Doll has been visiting her friend Mamie!  They were so happy to see each other again:Aunt Doll talked…and talked…(Mamie is a wonderful listener):A shared love of knitting prompted Mamie to show off one of her favorite sweaters:Then…off to Mamie’s kitchen to plan the meals for their visit:Meanwhile, Ima was showing Hitty Sparrow to her room. Hitty Sparrow was delighted to be sleeping in such beautiful surroundings:Hitty Jean found herself in beautiful surroundings as well, as she toured about the countryside. Hitty Jean couldn’t imagine a more beautiful spot on Earth!In fact, it was hard to decide which was more beautiful – the countryside, or the Hitty’s home. Hitty Sparrow was greatly impressed when Ima showed her the dining room – teatime was greatly anticipated by all!Hittys Jean and Sparrow talked to Hitty Charlotte about the differences between living in the suburbs of Boston versus the Québécois countryside. They were impressed when they learned that the Hittys here speak French and English!  Sadly, all visits must come to an end. All too soon, Great Aunt Doll, Sparrow and Jean were loaded into the car. Memories of the beautiful countryside and their Hitty friends sustained them all the way home!

‘Til Next Time…


14 thoughts on “Visiting in Canada

  1. Dearest Great aunt, Sparrow and Jean, thank you for your wonderful visit! The cabinets are soooooooo silent now!!! We all miss you VERY much BUT we are much looking forward to seeing you again SOON! Hugs, Hitty Charlotte, Mamie, Ima and all the siblings!


  2. Love the story. Such settings with all the beautiful furniture & accessories.The tea room is truly special. great job.
    Carolyn B


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