A Visit to Shelburne Museum

Hittys Jean and Sparrow were delighted to visit the Shelburne Museum on a beautiful day in Vermont.  What a unique and wonderful place!  Hitty Sparrow took joy in the beautiful grounds and meticulously maintained gardens. She found a Zinnia (her favorite) to match her dress:The weather was highly cooperative:Hitty Sparrow was able to take a tour of the “Stencil House”.  Imagine renovating your home, and, when you remove the many layers of old wallpaper, finding original 19th century stencils underneath!  Here they are below:There was a quick break for lunch. How fun to be able to color on the tables! Hitty Sparrow, Hitty Colleen, and Hitty Judy all eagerly created their own works of art!Then it was time to explore some more. Hitty Sparrow met up with Hittys Elizabeth and Judy to ride on the carousel:Sparrow wanted to see the Circus Parade!  Here is some information taken from the exhibit:It went on and on…She was mesmerized!She was sure to wave to Santa:Hitty Sparrow was absolutely taken with what she saw next. A hand carved wooden circus – all the spectators and performers were carved individually – just like Hittys!  It was a sight to behold!  Hitty Sparrow made sure all the other Hitty friends visiting that day saw the circus!She could have looked for hours!  Below is the information provided by the museum. Imagine having Edgar Decker Kirk as a neighbor! What a wonderful day – but where was Hitty Jean?

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