In Québec 

After the museum, a scenic drive with friends took the Hittys to the beautiful Canadian Province of Québec. Nerves were shattered at the border crossing – but the Hittys all recovered quickly with a gathering of friends and cheer. 

Hitty Kate Robertson shyly approached Hitty Sparrow, asking her to play:What fun!  So much to see in this magical place, aptly named Art to Play With…and play they did!  These store shelves sparked their imaginations:“Hitty Jean, why is no one coming to our store?!”  (All their “customers” were chatting and otherwise too busy, I suppose…maybe they will have more success another time?)Time for refreshment!  The Hittys were treated to a delightful tea at the Confiserie Bartlam – in the quaint village of Frelighsburg

Here are Hittys Sparrow, Jean, Robertson and Maude, practicing their best teatime manners, while Great Aunt Doll and Grandma Alice discussed the backstamp on the lovely teacup:Hitty Jean and Hitty Robertson were quite taken by the sugar cube grabbers:Homemade marmalade and jam awaited freshly baked scones…there were so many delicious courses to the tea, that the Hittys were certain they would never need to eat again!Of course that thought was abandoned when dessert arrived:Such a wonderful time, with the most special of friends, in a beautiful place!  Hitty Jean’s heart sings when she is in the beautiful countryside of Québec!‘Til Next Time…


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