What’s Up?

Hitty Jean’s favorite season is here!  She can be found outdoors, enjoying the foliage. It seems to be at its peak right now:

Bécassine and Hitty Judy discuss the fit of a newly knitted sweater.  Hitty Sparrow feels a chill in the air and is disappointed to learn that the sweater is not for her. She doesn’t want to take it off!Is Aunt Doll pursuing a life-long dream?Ida Belle and Hitty Tea have found a new book to read- it is a true story of adventure and friendship!That is *What’s Up* in our neck of the woods!

‘Til Next Time…


12 thoughts on “What’s Up?

  1. wonderful photos and such lovely girls. The new sweater is sure to be a hit with ALL the Hittys. Thank you for sharing your girls and their lives>


  2. looks good. Where did you get the letters for the window? I hope you are going to make Hitty sparrow a sweater. It is going to be colder this weekend.

    Happy your Mom is home.I wonder , did you and your Mom get a pillow for Claires Chaire. I have an extra.

    Love bj



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