Visiting the Robertsons

Hittys Jean and Sparrow have just returned from a visit with the Robertson Hittys!  Great Aunt Doll wanted to go see her sister, Grandma Alice, and they went along.

A pizza party was planned for the first day. Yum!Hitty Colleen and Hitty Sparrow decided to take a look at the pictures in the Hitty book:Hitty Sparrow was so taken by the “Charles Dickens” outfit in the pictures that Grandma Alice let her try on the replica in the Robertson’s closet. What fun!As consolation for having to return the outfit, Hitty Robertson said that Hitty Sparrow should wear the new Halloween dress. Hitty Sparrow was so pleased!  (The dress was a gift from a friend at Hitty Club – thank you, friend!)No visit to the Robertsons is complete without a trip outside to feed the chickens!Hitty Jean and Hitty Robertson reminisced about good times:And then…all too soon…it was time for goodbyes. Grandma Alice and Aunt Doll had such fun together, they couldn’t believe how quickly five days passed! It was time for goodbye hugs:‘Til Next Time…


PS-There is always so much to do on a visit to the Robertsons…these are only a few snippets. For more about our visit, please visit Hitty Robertson’s Journal, HERE.

19 thoughts on “Visiting the Robertsons

  1. Dear Martha,
    Thank you ever so much for all of the sweet dollhouse stuff and your sweet note (and the book recommendations). I truly appreciate your kindness. Thank you so much! (Sorry for posting this here — my email to you bounced.)


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