A Visit to the Yarn Shop

Ima and Hitty Sparrow made it to Aunt Doll’s Yarn Shop just before closing!  They want to look at sweaters.  Let’s go in!


Ima sees something she likes right away.  “Try it on, Hitty Sparrow!”


The fit is just right!  Ima sees another sweater she thinks will be just right for a friend.  Hitty Sparrow agrees:


Just then, Aunt Doll comes out of the back room.  She has just finished a sweater she thinks Hitty Sparrow will like:


Aunt Doll is ready to close the store.  She sends the girls on their way, happy with their new and cosy purchases:


How nice it is when friends and family visit her shop!
And now, Aunt Doll will be knitting away…
‘Til Next Time…

18 thoughts on “A Visit to the Yarn Shop

  1. Is the shop open to foreigners????? Somebody here is itching to go!!!!! Someone has been knitting her heart out!!!! Fabulous work!!!!! What are store hours?


  2. Oh Martha that is wonderful what you did with the shop. I love it. I even see the little framed picture in the corner.

    Matt has promised me I would have the shelves for mine before Sturbridge.

    I spent the day , well 4 hours straight sorting little all bisque doll parts. and bagging them and pricing. I have a feeling if I was able to sell them for the prices marked the whole e bunch wouldnt bring over 125 total. I am almost to the point where I start on all bisque dolls and the wood dolls. (not Hitty) Sadly I dont have enough stands.



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