Postcards from New York :: Day 2


Hitty Sparrow liked this building she saw today – it looked as if it would fit in nicely in Paris…and it has a rooftop garden.  Plus…can you spy the Empire State Building?

Today she visited Gulliver’s Gate, which is an HO scale replica of important (and imaginary!) world landmarks.  (The link will give you a better description.)  Hitty Sparrow was delighted to find that, in this world, she was giant sized!  She “traveled” many places, including Paris:




And Brussels:


Do you know about the Atomium?  It was, like the Eiffel Tower, built for a World’s Fair.  You can read more about it here!

Hitty Sparrow was tired of posing.  (Can you see her pained expression in front of London Bridge?  Hittys get crabby too sometimes…)  Lunch at Brown’s Bagels provided some much needed sustenance.  Hitty Sparrow was anxious to try a real New York bagel and it did not disappoint.  See how happily she posed, because she knew she was about to eat:


An exciting discovery this afternoon at the hotel!  Hitty Sparrow saw the Empire State Building from her window:


Ah, the beauty of a Spring evening in Madison Square Park:


Tomorrow, Hitty Sparrow will journey home and tell Hitty Jean all about her adventures in New York City.  Hitty Jean had to stay behind, as her arms are much too loose for travel.  But that is a story we will have to save…

…’til next time…


16 thoughts on “Postcards from New York :: Day 2

  1. Sad face, happy face…it doesn’t change anything about Hitty Sparrow being a very sharing guide…and we love traveling with her too!!! Safe trip home, little wooden…and family!


  2. A fun trip – and you had very good weather! I love the cardigan Hitty Sparrow chose to wear – it looks very stylish, as well as comfy and cozy!


  3. What? Hitty Jean did not get to go one the trip!! I simply cannot imagine. Sounds as if you are having a great time and you have seen so many things, What about the make up? Did you get it changed? We had a very quiet Easter and we wondered if you saw the Easter parade? Your hotel seems to be in a great location. Sorry that Dan is sick. Do you think he over did by running in the heat? Have a safe trip. Tell Lindsey hello for me. Love, Mom


  4. Hitty Jean would make a wonderful tour director…. I think she likely learned from watching her very excellent and professional tour director caretaker! We enjoyed our travel via her travel photos!


  5. Hitty Sparrow, I love learning about new things in my backyard! I had forgotten all about Gulliver’s Gate, thank you for giving us a little tour. My Hittys would love an adventure one of these days.


    • You should go! It is less expensive now as they are having a “soft opening” and if you buy your tickets online, you get another free ticket for admission between now and July… It is very cool – my 14 year old loved it!



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