33 Miles


Hitty Sparrow was out and about on this picture perfect Spring Day and she came across this wonderful mile marker.  It has been in place for hundreds of years!  We just love old things!


We hope all reading this are enjoying a lovely day!

‘Til Next Time…

P.S.- How exciting to see Rachel Field quoted in Susan Branch’s newest book, Gratitude !

“Who bends a knee where
violets grow, a hundred
secret things shall know.”
💚Rachel Field

If you are as big a fan of Susan Branch as we are, you can find her new book and others at your local book store.  And you can pick up a copy of Hitty, Her First Hundred Years by Rachel Field while you’re at it!  Always good to have extra copies on hand for the visitor who is new to Hitty’s story…..

4 thoughts on “33 Miles

  1. I dont nknow how to comment but maybe this will reach you.

    Hitty friends will be at the miniature show in Sturbridge on 4th. Thats where you picked up Hitty Jeans house that year. and as Judy and Claire both do the show there will be hittys and their stuff. Claire brings wonderful stuff.

    Enjoyed your chapter.

    Barbra-Jean >


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