Posing and Greeting and Shopping! Oh, My!

Every year, The Maxwell Hittys meet up with their Hitty Friends in Sturbridge for the Miniatures Show, and as such, we have developed certain traditions we hold dear.  One is the wearing of the Tablecloth Pinnys!  This all began when it was discovered that many of the tablecloths at our favorite lunch spot (Soup to Nuts) were made of fabric perfectly suited to Hitty!  Imagine the excitement when the Hostess gave us some spare tablecloths to repurpose!  The “Tablecloth Pinnys” were sewn and now there is a group photo each year.  Here is the group in this year’s Pinnys:


Most all are looking at the camera here, but it took the photographer several tries.  Hitty Jean is being distracted by Ninashteen’s bracelet, Hitty O’Honey’s thoughts were elsewhere…but this was the best we could do!

The Hittys wanted to pose again in a new spot!  Perched on a ledge, they were all giggles and fun, and the photo became secondary to their frolicking – this photo can be considered an “outtake!”


Hitty Jean and Hitty Sparrow love Soup to Nuts and they love Tablecloth Pinnys!  Here they are the next day – when lunch came around again, there was no place else they would go:


Ima, Hitty Jean and Hitty Sparrow attended a get-together where they had a meet-and-greet with all the new Hittys.  It is always a delight – Hitty (*in the brown dress) was hopeful that she would find a new family to call her own:


That evening, a wonderful meal was shared at the Publick House – a historic tavern in Sturbridge.  Hitty Jean loved the cosy atmosphere of the Tap Room and insisted on a photo (for which she posed nicely!):


The next day was the main event!  Time for shopping at the miniatures show!  So much to see!  (oh, that bear!):


While Hitty Sparrow loved all the Christmas Goodies, Hitty Jean could be found amongst the Candy and Cakes:


Of course saying goodbye came all too soon….shortly after the show, it was time for all the Hittys to head home.  Coming from as far as California and as close as New England, it is a bittersweet time.  Grandma Alice and Mamie had one more hug:


What fun!  We love our Hitty Friends and cannot wait…

‘Til Next Time…

*Christmas Goodies and Candy and Cakes as well as delightful Market Stands (and more!) can be purchased from Art to Play With
*Hittys similar to Hitty (in the brown dress) can be purchased from Judy Brown

6 thoughts on “Posing and Greeting and Shopping! Oh, My!

  1. Oh what a fun event! My Country HIttys (and myself) are quite thrilled to see your photos and to imagine the fun of meeting other Hittys and their persons. Thanks so much for sharing.


    • The Hitty tables are always the most fun at the show – we look forward to it every year and it always goes by so fast! You are so very welcome, Sherry – I love to share Hitty!



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