Morning :: Afternoon :: Evening :: Day 6







We hope you have enjoyed our Postcards from Castine, Maine and the IGMA Guild School!  Hitty Jean has been declared “acceptably proficient” in miniature bookbinding and will return home shortly to continue practicing.  (She will require LOTS of practice…)

‘Til Next Time…

8 thoughts on “Morning :: Afternoon :: Evening :: Day 6

  1. We loved every minute that you shared… amazing books!!! And loved every minute with you and all our Hitty friends in Sturbridge:):) Does not get any better … Love you


  2. Thank you for sharing your mornings, afternoons and evenings, Hitty Jean. What a wonderful new skill you have now! Congratulations to you and your special Person.
    Mary and Roberta Not-Quite-Hitty xx


    • Mary and Roberta Not-Quite-Hitty, Thank YOU for your kind comment! We just looked at the results again this morning – great fun but still a lot of practicing! It helps that we had a wonderful teacher!



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