In Stonington, Maine

The fog had rolled in the day Hitty Jean and Hitty Sparrow traveled to Stonington.  The landscape of Coastal Maine was transformed – it now posessed a cool and quiet beauty that was quite welcome after the heatwave the Hittys had endured earlier in the week.  Here they are near the wharf in Stonington:


They took a walk through the tiny town, enjoying the shops and stopping for some Halibut Chowder as they went along.  Yum!
As they walked up the street, they were stopped dead in their tracks by this:


Could it be?  Yes!  Located in a park in the center of Stonington, is a tiny town, perfectly sized for Hittys!  How exciting!!!
Hitty Jean and Hitty Sparrow checked out “Ben Sturdee Groceries”:


Hitty Jean really wanted to move into this house with the most perfect front porch:


The Hittys trolloped about the little town, delighted with each and every building.  Too soon (as it always seems) it was time to go…

‘Til Next Time…

P.S.- A sign in the park tells about the houses:


12 thoughts on “In Stonington, Maine

  1. I love the idea that the homes are taken up for the winter months… she should last for years and years with that kind of care!


  2. Yes….they are all pretty well maintained. Some families seem to get more into it and have added interior decorations. Very cute and I am sure the man who made them is smiling down on them!


  3. Oh Martha what a wonderful find A whole town just for Hitty. I am surprised it is safe. Did you find out the history. wouldnt it be cute for us all to go and arange our Hittys around the little town for photo taking.

    Thanks for the chapter.

    Love bj >


    • BJ – I would love that! “Dollhouse Lady” found the little town within a town last (?) year and I insisted we stay an extra day in Castine so we could visit! It is a treasure. Luckily, my parents were on board with this adventure!



  4. I love the idea that people look after the houses or the winter. Very sweet,I wonder whether the people have favourites and take the same one home, or if they have a different one each time?


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