Mile Marker

It seems the Hittys are developing a penchant for old Mile Markers.  Hitty Kate Robertson is visiting for the summer and heard about the first stone they found.  She was captivated by its age and significance and was able to see it for herself.  When Hitty Sparrow told her she knew where another one stood, it was inevitable that they would visit and be photographed there:


27 Miles from Boston
ET 1769


The Maxwell Hittys are looking forward to a summer of Friendship and Adventure, with a bit of Shade and Lemonade mixed in!  We hope you are, too!

‘Til Next Time…

PS-you can read more about Hitty Kate over at Hitty Robertson’s Journal

8 thoughts on “Mile Marker

  1. If only summer would remain much like the days we have here this week………so far… The Maxwell Hittys have the best idea!…..


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