Rainy Day Antics

It is a rainy summer afternoon and Ima has invited Hitty Sparrow and Hitty Kate over to play!


They play with the Lincoln Logs but the Lincoln Logs do not hold their interest for very long:


Hitty Kate discovers a *mysterious* box on top of Great Aunt Doll’s bureau!  Ima grabs Aunt Doll’s stool to get it down:


Dominoes!  They try to play for a while, but no one seems to know the rules.  Also, they all only want the tiles with matching numbers…


Not surprisingly, Domino play doesn’t hold their attention for long either.  Just as Ima is replacing the box, Aunt Doll walks in.  She is not too happy about Ima using her good footstool to stand on:


Aunt Doll can see that the Hittys need something to engage their minds on this inside day.  It is agreed that she will read them a chapter from one of their favorite books.  Yippee!


Later, the Hittys can help Aunt Doll make tea!  Aunt Doll’s fingers are crossed for sunshine tomorrow!  Hooray for Great Aunt Doll and rainy day friends!

‘Til Next Time….

6 thoughts on “Rainy Day Antics

  1. Hmmm … new raincoats… umbrellas and boots for dancing in the next rain… oh how wonderful to jump in the puddles!!!!


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