Garlic (?) and Ice Cider

Great Aunt Doll arrived in Canada just in time for wine time with Mamie!  Mamie was telling her about a new French story she is planning to read – these two friends love to discuss a good book!


Mamie wanted the Hittys to help prepare dinner.  Some were more eager than others, but at least they all now know what a head of garlic looks like!  Mamie is a wonderful cook!  Her kitchen is always well stocked and she prepares the most delicious meals with fresh and simple ingredients:


After a delicious dinner and a good night’s sleep, it was off to Domaine Pinnacle to sample and purchase some Ice Cider.  Mamie and Aunt Doll found the samples to be a *bit* large but that didn’t stop them:


The views from the terrace were stunning.  Here is an attempt at a group photo:


Mamie is telling everyone to “…look at the camera!”  Great Aunt Doll looked away just as the photo was taken, attempting to give *someone* a stern look.  In the back row (from left to right) Hitty Sparrow was thrilled to be having her photo taken.  Hitty Faye was a bit chilly and wanted to get back in the car.  Hitty Maude was complaining that she was blocked by Mamie’s head.  Hitty Kate was trying to ask Mamie a question about the Ice Cider.  Hitty Elizabeth was feeling peckish and wishing her French was better.  This is how it always seems to go with group photos!

‘Til Next Time…

6 thoughts on “Garlic (?) and Ice Cider

  1. What a wonderful visit with best friends wooden or not!!! And it seems there is always something new to try and adventures to enjoy! Thank you for sharing


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