A *Not Franklin* Mile Marker

Around these parts, the antique Mile Markers seen along Boston Post Road (and thereabouts) are known to many as “Franklin Mile Markers”.  This miffs some historians as Benjamin Franklin apparently had nothing to do with these historic stones.  Hitty Kate and Hitty Sparrow don’t concern themselves with such things….they just think the Mile Markers are *cool!*  Here they are on a lovely Summer Morning:


They are a bit excited, as they have discovered another Mile Marker, this one dated to 1767:


Hitty Kate is a little bit sad that the font on this stone is missing the Long S.  Hitty Sparrow reminds her that these stones are like Hittys – handmade and unique!


What is better than a New England Summer Morning?


A New England Summer Morning shared with a Friend!


‘Til Next Time…

2 thoughts on “A *Not Franklin* Mile Marker

  1. That brought back memories for me. I remember them traveling in Massachusetts when we lived there years ago. Love the Hittys travels.


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