Hitty Kate Robertson has spent the Summer living with the Maxwell Hittys.   This morning, Hitty Kate noticed a beautiful Scottie rug – it reminded her of home!  Of course it did, as it was made in the Robertson Hittys’ workshop:IMG_1185Hitty Kate was especially sentimental as she is preparing to travel home tomorrow!
Hitty Jean invited her to the Book Shop to get some books for her airplane trip.  Ima had offered to help carry them.  Hitty Kate loaded her up!
Later on, Hitty Kate asked Hitty Sylvie for help with the iPhone.  She wanted to text Grandma Alice about her travel plans:
Just like that, a wonderful Summer is coming to an end.  Hitty Kate is excited to go home, but sad to leave her friends.  Happily, goodbyes will be a bit delayed as many of the Maxwell Hittys will be traveling with her!
Adventure awaits!

…’Til Next Time…

14 thoughts on “Preparations

  1. Happy travels …. Hittys going to visit with the family of Hitty Robertson… you’ll have such a good time and bet Hitty Kate is just full of stories to tell…


  2. Oh what a wonderful summer she has had. I know you will miss her but I am sure she will write. by the way I do love that little rug! Wonderful photos and story. Thank you


  3. Good Morning!

    We hope the weather is settled and calm for Hitty Kate’s journey home. it is story here and we are still not resettled in our own house, we are still living in a shoebox-mobile home so are very keen on looking out for little luxury items and noticed a wonderful kit for making exactly the same little scottie dog rug that you now have! Isn’t it wonderful? Sadly, the kit, or similar ones can’t be shipped here to Wales, so we can’t buy one, but it was wonderful to see one in a real home.

    What books did Hitty Kate choose? Please let us know when she arrives home, so we all know she is safe. xxxxx

    Happy Thursday!
    Roberta and Mary Not-Quite-Hitty xxxxx


    • Ooops! Of course, we meant to say it is STORMY here…… although, we are Hitty girls, so everything about us is a story of a kind….! Mary and Roberts N-Q-H xx


      • I hope the weather settles for you – and also you can get back into your home soon!!!
        Hitty Kate chose a journal for writing, a book of poetry, a beautiful picture book, and a touch of Beatrix Potter ❤️


  4. Oh my …. the rug! If you would like me to buy a kit and ship it your way, I would happily do so! Have you tried Etsy? Theresa Layman is the creator of the kits and she sells on there…you may just find one!


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