A(nother) Visit with the Robertsons

The Maxwell Hittys have returned from their visit with the Robertsons.  As with all visits with dear friends, it was over too soon.  Here are some highlights!

Great Aunt Doll and Grandma Alice were so happy to see each other again!  Ima was sure to take a photo of them:


Hitty Kate and Hitty Sparrow had the Imas sign their autograph books.  It was hard for the Imas to decide on the perfect sentiment – of course they did…eventually:


Aunt Doll and Grandma Alice wanted to try a selfie.  They did a pretty good job!  Here they are in front of Twin Manor:


Hitty Kate was eager to show Hitty Jean and Hitty Sparrow some of the landmarks in her hometown.  Hitty Kate told them that Zelienople has two LIONS – which is true!  The Maxwell Hittys were relieved to learn that they are lion water fountains!
The Hittys had fun exploring the lion fountain located in the park.  Hitty Jean wanted Hitty Sparrow to turn it on!  Luckily, good sense prevailed:


Of course the time to travel back home came in what felt like warp speed.  Hitty Sparrow watched to make sure the airplane was parked *just right* at the gate:


And now, all are safely home again…reminiscing about another wonderful visit to special Hitty friends…

‘Til Next Time…

9 thoughts on “A(nother) Visit with the Robertsons

  1. Beautiful photos. A visit that has inspired travel envy in the Country Hittys and their human! Thank you for sharing the fun with us here at home.


  2. We all know that .when you get to the home of Hitty Robertson every visiting Hitty… and caretaker is about to have one really good time!!! nice to have a new phone that takes such super photos!! The Brown’s House Hittys


  3. Love the selfie that Great Aunt Hitty and Grandma Alice Hitty. These ladies are so maturely lady like. Great photos and I known they all had a wonderful time in Zelienople. I enjoy their report.
    Celia C


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