A Letter to Hitty Kate

It is hard to say goodbye to a friend when you live so far apart.  Spending the Summer with Hitty Kate was such fun and Hitty Sparrow is missing her very much.  She has decided to write a letter to Hitty Kate – it is always fun to receive mail!  Hitty Sparrow begins with the weather – HOT!  Now it is much more seasonable.   Hitty Sparrow continues with the latest excitement….


First off, Bécassine and Aunt Doll have been fussing for days about how to properly stock the new kitchen dresser (beautifully made by Art to Play With).  Hitty Sparrow reports that Bécassine has been arguing for only French items to be stored there, as all the drawers are labeled in French!  Aunt Doll believes this to be a purely cosmetic feature, which (amusingly to Sparrow) has Bécassine in a tizzy!  Grown ups can be so funny!


Another bit of news has a (very little) bit to do with Raggedy Ann, a doll and story that is near and dear to Hitty Sparrow’s heart.  As you can see, her Raggedys are well loved:


Here is the exciting bit!!!  *Art to Play With* will be offering Hitty Jean’s books for sale at a miniature show!!!  Presently, Ima is on duty at the Book Shop and is proudly showing off Hitty Jean’s creations.  Front and center are Raggedy Ann Story books! – what fun!


In her letter, Hitty Sparrow writes that she hopes Hitty Kate can make it to the show.  It is to be held in Alexandria, Virginia, in October and is sure to be a shopping extravaganza for all Hittys, as Judy Brown and Art To Play With will both be vendors there!!!  (***More details at the end of this post!***)

Hitty Sparrow finishes her letter by sending MUCH love and heads off to the mailbox:


‘Til Next Time…


(Name change & move from Tysons Corner)
Holiday Inn & Suites Olde Towne Alexandria
625 First Street ~ Alexandria, VA 22314


10-5 P.M
Featuring Legends and Newcomers to Miniatures

Judy Brown and Art to Play With will feature their own work, as well as wonderful, Hitty-Scale items from many different miniature artists.  A wonderful opportunity to find something special for your Hittys!   More information on the show can be found HERE.


4 thoughts on “A Letter to Hitty Kate

  1. So much happening in these young Hittys’ world!!! Always some great adventure going on. Hitty Maude can’t wait to get together with Hitty Dallas at show…and Mamie is much looking forward to meet Gram Hattrick and other magical Judy Brown creations “in the flesh”! If Hitty Sparow is too lonely, we’d be happy to take her along….Our Hitty household has made a long wish list of Hitty Jean’s books. They believe there’s nothing like a good book on a Fall day…and reminded me that reading is the key to learning …Thank you for spreading the word about Alexandria…we hope to make lots of new friends! Hitty hugs.


  2. Oh how the Country Hittys and their person would love to be at the Alexandria show..Please share pictures from this wonderful event. We are dedicated letter writers her so we enjoyed Hitty writing her missive!


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