Sailing Away on the Ocean Blue!


It was a beautiful day to drive into Boston!  Also an exciting day because Hitty Sparrow and her friend, Hitty Elizabeth, were going on a cruise!!!

Once settled in their state room, Hitty Sparrow greatly enjoyed watching all the loading and unloading going on waaaaay down below:


Even more enjoyable was sitting on the deck chairs the following morning, watching the ocean.  Hitty Sparrow wanted to know how far away the horizon is….Hitty Elizabeth did not know.  The sky was ever-changing:


Lunch was enjoyed in the dining room on the first day at sea:


Hitty Elizabeth even made a new friend!  HELLO, Emelinda!  Emelinda is one of the nicest Maître d’s you could ever meet.  She hails all the way from the Philippines:


Sunset at sea – it just kept getting prettier:

What fun to Sail the Ocean Blue….
Where on Earth did Hitty Sparrow and Hitty Elizabeth go?
And how far away is the horizon!?!

‘Til Next Time…

P.S.- The Hitty Shop is OPEN!!!
P.P.S. – For an observer on the ground with eye level at h = 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m), the horizon is at a distance of 2.9 miles (4.7 km).  (Quoted from the Internet, so it MUST be true!!!)

7 thoughts on “Sailing Away on the Ocean Blue!

  1. The Brown’s House Hittys are so wishing they could take another trip on the sea… or the River Cruise.. we know how much fun it is to travel on a boat.. big or little.


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