Where on Earth *WAS* Hitty Sparrow?

The Hittys made it to their destination!  Oh, my…that water!  Hitty Sparrow is always amazed at the size of the ship:


And here is the view the other way:


Here are some Wild Chickens….In fact, Hitty Sparrow though this Momma Hen and her babies were quite possibly the prettiest she had ever seen.  Their cuteness factor was likely helped by the fact that they were not shy:



What fun to pick out just the right souvenirs for family…Some had made special requests, others wanted to be surprised…All good!


If only they could have brought home one of those precious chicks!

‘Til Next Time…

PS-We hope you have some time to visit our Hitty Shop on Etsy!

6 thoughts on “Where on Earth *WAS* Hitty Sparrow?

  1. wonderful photos…such a grand adventure. My Hitty, Marie Claire was very admiring of those chicks…she loves ALL things chicken!


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