All Things British in Bermuda!

Can you see what was going up while Hitty Sparrow was in Bermuda?!  Christmas Decorations!!!  Yippee!!!


Bermuda is an Overseas British Territory…they drive on the left…they have British accents…and many shops specialize in British imports:


Did you see Hitty Elizabeth and Hitty Sparrow up there…they are standing on the old cobblestones feeling rather quaint…
The mailboxes are just like those you would find in England:


The Hittys were THRILLED to shop at Marks & Spencer, a favorite British shop:


Hitty Elizabeth thought Great Aunt Doll might get a kick out of these “On the Go” wine glasses.  Unfortunately for Aunt Doll, the Hittys are too young to buy wine:


Sadly….this yarn shop was closed:


Lunch was enjoyed on a balcony overlooking Hamilton and the water:


Such a beautiful view, enjoyed daily by Bermudians:


The Hittys were told that special British rotisserie chickens are flown in weekly on British Airways!!!
Hitty Sparrow had fun picking out all her favorite British goods, and played show and tell when she got back to the ship…what fun!


Things took a turn towards *Scary* though….because the Hittys were at sea on Halloween!!!  That’s a story for another day…

‘Til Next Time…


8 thoughts on “All Things British in Bermuda!

  1. Some Hittys were very lucky to get to all those goodies!!!! They sure did get lots of treats for Halloween…candy wise and sightseeing wise!!!!! Thank you for sharing.


  2. Awww just like Michael’s in Cranberry! It seemed half the store was Christmas oriented!

    Beautified pictures and indeed Bermuda is lovely to visit. And……..much nicer weather!!


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  3. Wonderful trip and I bet you ALL enjoyed shopping. It is lovely place, and so different to what we are used to. Are people still riding around on the scooters? >


    • Yes! Mopeds everywhere….and they now have a two person covered scooter/car thingy you can rent. Personally, I avoid mopeds and use public transport. There is always someone on the ship who ends up in the hospital because of a moped accident and this trip was no exception!



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