A Beautiful Sail Home

The Hittys always meet some fun towel friends on the ship! *Froggy* was a favorite this time around.  He was kind enough to let them sit on his back so they could see the ocean:


Isn’t it beautiful?!


No matter what time of day…always beautiful:


A special rainbow at sea:


In the wee hours of Friday morning, the Hittys were able to see the ship sail back into Boston Harbor.  It was a twinkly sight, just before sunrise:


The ship had docked by the time the sun came up – “Good Morning, Boston!”


A last cup of tea was enjoyed on the balcony:


The Hittys are safely home with wonderful memories of their trip – and looking forward to their next adventure!  Oh, my, but Hittys do love Adventure!

‘Til Next Time…

6 thoughts on “A Beautiful Sail Home

  1. The girl had a wonderful trip and there will be a lot for then to share with her sisters. I bet they havnt stopped talking since yjru got home.

    Thanks for sharing.

    BJ >


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