Christmas is Coming…

Hitty Kalyna is working at the Book Shop today.  A mailbox, especially for Santa, has mysteriously appeared on the counter!!!


Hitty March can’t wait to tell Hitty Sparrow about this new development!!  They decide then and there to get busy with their Christmas letters!!!


Hitty Kalyna isn’t the only one working today…Hitty Jean has been at the Christmas Market Stand selling festive wares:


So much to choose from!  Does your Hitty need a book?  We have plenty still for sale at our Etsy shop.  (A few new Raggedy Ann books will be added soon, when Hitty Jean has some time off from the Market Stand…)

In other news….Ellen & Pink have had a special “Guest” in their episodes the past two weeks!  Imagine Hitty Jean’s delight to see one of her books as the star!  Click HERE to see!

We love this joyful, festive and sentimental time of year!

‘Til Next Time…

8 thoughts on “Christmas is Coming…

  1. Hitty Jean and family have wonderful finds in their Christmas Market… Any Hitty (and caretaker .. if resized) would be so happy to shop there. What department in Target is such a small letter box… We need to do some shopping!!!


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