Great Aunt Doll Searches for Peace and Quiet


Great Aunt Doll and Hitty Jean are trying to clean up the Holiday Aftermath.  Hitty Jean thinks it is time to take down the Christmas tree, though it is so lovely, she thinks it a bit of a pity.  Great Aunt Doll can’t believe the mess.  Paper everywhere, stockings and new toys strewn about…and it seems the littles have gotten into the tin of Quality Street candies.  Sigh…So very much to do!

Hitty Kalyna is asked to help with changing the beds.  But what Hitty Kalyna *really* wants is new bedding.  “Please?” Great Aunt Doll considers this request as she sends Kalyna off to the linen closet.  Perhaps sometime soon, but new bedding isn’t in today’s plan:


Great Aunt Doll goes to her sitting room, thinking she will find some Peace and Quiet there.  What she finds is the setup for a concert the Hittys are planning.  They have gone off to find some maracas.  Great Aunt Doll thinks she will let them practice a little bit longer:


Finally!  Bécassine is in the kitchen, preparing coffee.  She pours one for Great Aunt Doll as well and they add just a *bit* of Baileys for good measure.  Great Aunt Doll considers which of the Quality Streets is her favorite.  The two friends share a moment of Peace and Quiet in the kitchen, reflecting on family, togetherness, and their hopes for the New Year:


Happy New Year to our Hitty Friends!  We wish you all the best in 2018!

‘Til Next Time…

16 thoughts on “Great Aunt Doll Searches for Peace and Quiet

  1. I’m thinking of the places here that is great for peace and quiet… sans the Baileys and Quality Streets… uumm well maybe .. a little glass and bite………… my sewing room… and when the weather is beautiful and warm and the birds are singing outside the door……… the workshop with all the Hittys and Grandmas and little one just waiting to “become” Aunt Dolly and Becassine could visit too, with the dolls at Maison Preble~Browns.


  2. Great Aunt and Bécassine found the best way to handle the mess! Tomorrow they can get to it…after the Bailey’s wears off!!! The tree is so lovely…it’s sad to take it down…the Hittys in our household have decided the trees stay on…with that cold hanging in, they think it warms their spirits…they do not have access to Baileys…nor those wonderful sweets!!!! Altogether a wonderful post! Thank you for making our day warmer and happier ❤️


  3. as always Aunt Doll is just a perfect little wooden person. Enjoying the glimpses of her life . Your posts and photos are always such a delight. Happy New Year and thank you!


    • Ah…there is a friend in Quebec who can fix you up! Great Aunt Doll is wondering who thought a xylophone and an electric guitar made good Christmas presents. She is currently hunting the bottle of Advil!!! 😆😆😆



    • Thank you, Celia! Certainly it is hard to find quiet moment with a house full of excited Hittys…I’m sure if pressed, Great Aunt Doll would admit she wouldn’t want it any other way! Happy New Year!



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