Hello Again!

Much like the transition from Winter to Spring, things are progressing here in an almost imperceptibly slow manner.
Hitty Jean continues to enjoy her work at the Book Shop and is always happy to help her friends pick out a new treasure to take home (or to gift!)  A few new books are added to the shelves most weeks, and slowly they are sold on to be enjoyed by Hitty friends:

Hitty Sparrow is one of her best customers:


Bécassine can most often be found in the kitchen, helping the littles to hone their baking skills – “Of course, ma petite, you can finish frosting the cake!”

Great Aunt Doll is delighted with her new chairs…like waiting for Spring bulbs to bloom, she “planted” the idea for them last Fall, and now they are here!

Look what Hitty Sparrow found today!


Every Day the Same ~ Every Day Different

‘Til Next Time


CHAIRS will be for sale in the Hitty Shop again on Friday so if you missed them last time, more are coming…
There are still a few Beatrix Potter books left, as well as a couple Children’s Object Books (one of my favorites!)

Click HERE to visit our shop on Etsy ❤️

9 thoughts on “Hello Again!

  1. A wonderful post! Delighted to see the book shop doing so well! My Hittys love their books,there are no better!


    Sent from my iPad



  2. what a great chapter. I am glad that the shop is going so well. its a lovely selection of books, you must be working full time at it.

    and now selling your Dads chairs too. he must be pleased.

    I can’t believe you have crocus peeking up. I checked my garden but don’t want to remove the leaves because we are going to be cold again this weekend. But my garden isn’t in a protected spot so it is really too early.

    have fun

    Love bj >


  3. My, my Hitty Jean sure keeps busy!!!! Very happy for her…and the book maker! Superb job. My Hittys can’t get their hands off those beautiful books…and now those wonderful chairs!!!! OMG our Hittys are sooooooooooo spoiled….and they should be! Keep up the great work, you make all of us happy and smiling!


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