Cookies and a Lost Mitten

Another Nor’easter has blown through New England and today is a snow day!
Bécassine wants to fill up the cookie jar for afternoon tea:


She has just begun to gather baking supplies when Hitty Sparrow and Hitty Sylvie clamber into the kitchen.  They are going out to play in the snow!  “Do you have your mittens?”  Yes!!!


Off they go!  They build a snowman and spend a long time finding suitable arms.  Pondering a name for the snowman is chilly business…their mittens are already packed with snow:


The snow is still falling…and getting deeper.  Hitty Sylvie climbs onto the sled and notices that she has lost a mitten!  The Hittys are freezing by now so they are going home instead of going to the sledding hill.  The snow is well past their knees and Hitty Sparrow sinks down with every step!  (Despite her frozen hand, Hitty Sylvie did eventually get off the sled and help her friend to pull it home!)  It was a long trudge.


Home at last!  Bécassine is arranging their hats and mittens to dry on the still-warm oven.  Time for hot chocolate and cookies!!!


Bécassine notices something…there are only three mittens!


Best get out the yarn basket and knitting needles…

‘Til Next Time…

P.S.-There are still a few items left in our Etsy Shop…more books to come soon!

12 thoughts on “Cookies and a Lost Mitten

  1. Do you think some day other Hittys could buy some of those superb mittens at Hitty Jean’s shop? They sure would come in handy 😉 up North!!!!


    • The Hittys got the nice pink ones on Etsy….they are for Barbie and just *barely* fit!!! Maybe Becassine will knit some for the shop if she can satisfy the demand in her own household!!! 😊



  2. delightful. Love all the details (that cookie jar is just perect). I got quite a smile out of the whole expedition..including the missing mitten! Thanks for sharing.


  3. That is a darling chapter and they look so cute in their hats and mittens. You also have a great collection of items that are just right in the kitchen. Enjoyed! thanks love bj >


  4. The Maxwell Hittys have such a loving Becassine 😊 Our Becassine is overwhelmed by the mess in her kitchen……. Help is apparently on the way for some inventory.. wonder if she’ll feel a need to straighten out the mess .. and kick out some chickens, ducks, dogs and cats from underfoot. jb


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