Hitty Jean has a new photo album.  She needs to add some pictures!


Looking through old photos – a rabbit hole of memories.  Hitty Jean chooses a photo from her very first adventure to Great Cranberry Island.  This was back in 2008 and Hitty Jean, along with a few friends, was lucky enough to stay on the island for a couple of weeks:


What fun to see the Preble House!  Another favorite from that trip was a photo taken of Hitty Jean under the pew in the Great Cranberry Island Chapel, looking at the picture in the *Hitty* book of Original Hitty under the pew in the Great Cranberry Island Chapel:


Many more photos were taken of Hitty Jean’s first adventure.  Click HERE to see!

Here’s another photo for the album – from a time when Hitty Jean was more than a little bit naughty!


Hitty Jean had an unauthorized tour of a miniature manor house while visiting the Robertson Hittys for the first time….It is a wonder she was invited back!  (I wonder if anyone ever told on her?)

Click HERE to read more about this (mis)adventure!

This picture is a must for the album…visiting the Alamo!


Click HERE to read more!

Hitty Jean finds a photo from a wonderful visit to Stockbridge in 2011 to see Original Hitty.  She smiles at the memory of their photo session:


That was such an educational trip – the tale was told in many parts, but Hitty Jean’s favorite part is HERE.

Hitty Jean is very blessed to have been able to travel to Bermuda many times.  Of course a photo at one of Bermuda’s beautiful beaches will go in her album!


More of this beach day HERE!

Hitty Jean looks at the clock….hours have passed in what seems like an instant and Hitty Jean only has six photos for her album!  This is going to take longer than she thought…She finds a seventh photo (one of her favorites) to add and calls it a day…


‘Til Next Time…

P.S.-Do not be disconcerted by Hitty Jean’s different look over the years…remember, she was carved *twice*

8 thoughts on “Memories

  1. We love Hitty Jean in her original and her recurved versions. It’s not about what she looks like (we all change over time) but who she is. 🙂


  2. What a nice way to travel down Hitty Jean’s travel and at home life… and it matters not that she’s changed a bit… she’s still awesome in her sharing ways!


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