Morning :: Afternoon :: Evening :: Day 4/2018

Morning :: Waving Hitty Jean Off


Afternoon :: Weaving Is Hard Work


Evening :: Sunset Sail


‘Til Next Time…

12 thoughts on “Morning :: Afternoon :: Evening :: Day 4/2018

  1. OH she is having fun. I am glad you are trying weaving. Id like to try that myself. Blankets for Hitty or…… Looks like another fun day Enjoy the day. It is lovely here after 2 days of clouds and gloom. and sadly not enough rain to do any good.

    get anything at the auction??

    Love bj



  2. It’s a beautiful day here in Virginia… but it looks like you’re all having a grand time in Castine.. love the photos.. Hitty Jean is apt to be able to get some creative weaving done….


  3. HOT here in Mo, seeing HItty Jean looking so cool and collected is refreshing. Eager to see the results of all the weaving and carving!


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