Morning :: Afternoon :: Evening :: Day 6/2018

morning :: a break outside the classroom building


afternoon :: hungry hittys!  what is in Great Aunt Doll’s picnic basket?!


evening :: we have graduated!


It has been a fun and busy week here at IGMA Guild School!  Hitty Jean has been delighted to learn new skills and all the Hittys hope you have enjoyed our daily updates from Maine!

‘Til Next Time…


6 thoughts on “Morning :: Afternoon :: Evening :: Day 6/2018

  1. Hey Martha! Rug is great!!! Some Hitty feet will be happy!!!!! I want to see the chest…maybe in the morning???? Hugs and congratulations, Claire

    Envoyé de mon iPad



  2. Love the photos… you and Hittys have shared a wonderful and productive week of wonderful miniature pieces… we get all the fun without the glue on our fingers …. of course that means no lobster, leisurely water trip… no fun seeing what was at auction… no evening of Baileys…. hmmmmmm well, loved the photos and so happy that you each will return home with something very special for your time…


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