Hurly~Burly Block Island Day

Yesterday, Hitty Sparrow jumped on a tour bus:


… then hopped on a ferry:


…which took her to Block Island!  Lunch was on the porch of that white building there in the distance, the National Hotel:


The view from the porch was perfect for people watching (boat watching, too!):


A tour bus took Hitty Sparrow to the Southeast Light:


What an interesting and beautiful lighthouse it is, with an interesting history as well.  (You can read more about this lighthouse HERE.)  It sits atop a bluff, and the view was incredible.  On a clear day, you can see Long Island from here, but not on this day…


Along the tour, a statue was seen out the window:


Erected in 1896 (although this current one is a replica)  and named Rebecca at the Well, “…this iconic Block Island lady was put in place in 1896 by the local Women’s Christian Temperance Movement, which hoped to curb the consumption of alcohol on Block Island.”  (source)  According to the tour guide, this strategy was unsuccessful.

Block Island used to be all farmland – the fields edged with rock walls.  These classic New England rock walls can be seen everywhere and are an island treasure:


An ice cream break was essential on this hot and humid day:


Tour over…it was time to start the journey home:


On the ferry heading home, there was a last view of Block Island’s beautiful bluffs:


It was a whirlwind, hurly-burly sort of a visit, and Hitty Sparrow is thinking a return trip and beach day would be fun!  Would anyone like to come along?!?

‘Til Next Time…


10 thoughts on “Hurly~Burly Block Island Day

  1. what a grand (if brief) visit to this lovely island. Enjoyed the photos and of course Hitty Sparrow is always a delight.


    • Hi, Sherry! So nice to hear from you! If anything it was brief! But we had never been and had always wanted to go. It was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up – and now we really want to go back because the beaches were amazing!



  2. Looks like a grand tour for Hitty Sparrow. Sometimes it’s fun to go someone all by yourself and simply take I all in.


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