Come Sail Away! (Or float around on a mooring, as the case may be.)

A downpour outside on the morning of Hitty Jean’s sailing adventure?  But of course!  “It will clear up!”

Sure enough, by the time Hitty Jean was aboard the ferry, the sun was shining:


Now, Hitty Jean had heard about sailing adventures recently, from the Quimper Hittys.  If you click on that link, you will see what she was expecting….an isolated inlet, surrounded by nature, a lone sailboat…but that is NOT how it is in August in the Oak Bluffs Harbor of Martha’s Vineyard.  Here is the scene:



Despite the unexpectedly festive atmosphere of the harbor, it was lovely to swing about on the mooring and the weather couldn’t have been better!


Hitty Jean did her best to learn the ropes:


Hitty Jean enjoyed exploring Oak Bluffs.  She especially loved the Camp Meeting Association, where you can find rows and rows of Victorian Cottages all decked out in bright colors and architectural embellishments.  There was a pink cottage that was a particular favorite:


Sunsets in the evening were glorious….especially from the boat.  Hitty Jean loved the golden glow:


Something really *cool* that Hitty Jean could not photograph was the nighttime sky.  There was a full moon, and as a super bonus, Hitty Jean could also see Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus.  Just incredible!

And now, back home, the new school year has begun, the crickets are singing and there is an ever so slight chill in the air.  What fun it was to say *Goodbye* to summer exploring Martha’s Vineyard and staying on a sailboat.

We hope all of our Hitty Friends have an enjoyable Labor Day weekend!
Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn!

‘Til Next Time…

P.S. – As always, you can click on photos to make them bigger.


6 thoughts on “Come Sail Away! (Or float around on a mooring, as the case may be.)

  1. Oh! Dear Hitty Jean has such a way of making our days better with the beauty you point out to in every way…Thank you for sharing big and small pleasures in life. ❤️


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