Wishing We Lived Closer

Hitty Sparrow and Ima accompanied Great Aunt Doll on a Visit to the Robertson Hittys’ house. This time they brought a doll for the Robertsons to play with. A sweet little doll from a lovely lady in England!

Doll play commenced immediately! The Imas were especially enamoured by the Hitty dolls. (A teddy bear joined in for good measure.)

Some roomboxes were assembled during this visit. Hitty Sparrow and Hitty Kate were delighted to find that their Hitty dolls were the perfect size for the new rooms:

They went online to see what else might be available for their dolls, but shortly into their internet browsing, they were told “No computers!” by Grandma Alice. Back to playing!

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, a joyous reunion. These two never run out of things to discuss. Conversations went well into the wee hours as they solved all the woes of the world 💗 If only everyone could be as clever and sensible as Grandma Alice and Great Aunt Doll:

Another wonderful visit, and still more wonderful memories.
Thank you, Robertsons!

‘Til Next Time…

15 thoughts on “Wishing We Lived Closer

  1. The Robertsons sure know how to entertain…and keep you busy creating! Any doll in its right mind LOVES this household ❤️ And we sure enjoy your way with words dear Hitty Sparrow. Cheers and smiles.


  2. Wish we all lived closer and could play at the robertson. Looks like your girls had a wonderful time. can we see a better photo of the new little doll.?


    Thanks for the update.

    Love bj >


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