Autumn Festivities


Yesterday, Hitty Sparrow was treated to a day of Autumn delights in New Hampshire!  First stop was a visit to a family farm and market, Moulton Farm.  (Cider Donuts – yum!)  What a festive atmosphere!


Hitty Sparrow had heard there was snow that morning….and she was able to find a tiny bit that hadn’t yet melted:


Then, off to the station…


A complete turkey dinner was served, while Hitty Sparrow enjoyed views of Lake Winnipesaukee and a bit of Fall color on the mountains:

Goodness me!  She isn’t certain….but Hitty Sparrow *thinks* Santa Claus may have been enjoying the train ride as well!  (Can you spot him?!?)



Meanwhile, at the Book Bindery, Hitty Jean has been assembling a book of Potions and Incantations – she is hoping to make a cover today.  It is very satifying to be the one to add unique details to a book cover.  Another copy is on the store shelves, so Hitty Jean will take it down for reference.  (Always helpful when you are a book binder!)



Sylvie wandered through the garden to see what the frost had done and she came upon a scarecrow!  Judging by the crow perched on its arm, it is not so scary!


We hope you are enjoying all the wonders that Autumn brings!

‘Til Next Time…

PS – Plenty of books in stock at the Hitty Shop!


6 thoughts on “Autumn Festivities

  1. I enjoyed sharing Hitty’s trip to New Hampshire. She certainly got to see a lot . Was she able to give Santa her Christmas list?

    Kathy M 👵🏻



  2. Hitty Sparrow is a darling – and a lucky girl too! Hitty Jean has found some super cute pictures for her book covers, and Little Sylvie looks like she’d like to make friends with Mr Scarecrow…fun times in your neighbourhood!


  3. Hitty Sparrow is a wonderful guide to the wonders of fall in her part of the world. Hitty Jean is a book binding artist! Enjoyed your latest adventures.


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