Where Hitty Sparrow Meets Susan Branch

A dream come true! On a blustery Saturday morning, Hitty Sparrow took a ride to West Falmouth. Her destination was the West Falmouth Library:

What a beautiful place! Here is Hitty Sparrow outside (brr!) the library:

The building has recently received a full restoration. Built in 1896, one could easily imagine bibliophiles of yesteryear perusing the shelves. The gorgeous windows still have their old, wavy glass. A wonderful setting to meet Susan Branch for the first time. Hitty Sparrow was beside herself with excitement!

Here she is!!!

It is truly magical to meet someone you admire so much – and to find them just as delightful in person as you had imagined them to be – stunning…astounding…amazing! To hear her read the first chapter of her new book – well, there are no words to describe how *cool* it was. !!!

And then…AND THEN! It was Hitty Sparrow’s turn to meet Susan! Susan immediately recognized Hitty Sparrow’s pinafore fabric as her own.

Even while looking at this photo, Hitty Sparrow has to pinch herself to be sure it really happened. It did!!! Susan was warm and genuine – a special soul, just as she comes across in her books.

Hitty Sparrow was sure to gift Susan with a copy of Rachel Field’s “Hitty, Her First Hundred Years.” Now, Hitty Sparrow is not delusional in any way. She knows how busy someone like Susan is, but one can dream of her reading our favorite book, yes? Perhaps her husband Joe will read it? Or perhaps even read it aloud?!? That would be something…♥️♥️♥️

Susan is as much of an Anglophile as the Maxwell Hittys. “A Fine Romance” is a must-read if you are one too. Of course we find any and all of her books and cookbooks to be wonderful!

When the event ended, Hitty Sparrow headed down the street to to the beach. She was lucky to get a front row seat:

The afternoon was so cold and windy that a walk on the beach was not practical. It was nice and cosy in the car, so that is how Hitty Sparrow watched the sun set on a magical, dreamy Saturday.

Dreams do come true! Keep dreaming, Hitty Friends!

‘Til Next Time…


P.S.- Hitty Jean has many of her books for sale on EBay. Find them by searching “Hitty Book”. A few books and also some journals available for your Hitty’s memoirs ♥️ A sampling below: (some of these have sold…check eBay for availability.)

P.P.S.- oops!


11 thoughts on “Where Hitty Sparrow Meets Susan Branch

  1. so now I know who Susan is , Thanks.I have seen some of her illustrations. Sounds like you both had a wonderful time.

    A lovely post, enjoyed

    BJ >

  2. What a wonderfully exciting day for Susan to meet Hitty Sparrow! I’m glad Hitty Sparrow invited you along too. So happy for you all.

  3. what a wonderful day and event. So happy for you and Hitty Sparrow. How great that Susan was all you hoped she would be. Great photos!

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