Winter Wonderland

Great Aunt Doll, Ima and Hitty Sparrow enjoyed the most festive visit – way up north in Canada, where life is lived in a snow globe this time of year and all is truly “Merry and Bright.” It was a snowy drive:

The mountains became increasingly beautiful. Hitty Sparrow insisted on a photo during a rest stop and no wonder! It all looked so festive – a magical, snow-filled landscape:

Finally, they arrived at their destination! Ima and Hitty Sparrow were told to watch out the window, for each afternoon *something* happens. They watched and watched, all the while trying to guess what on Earth this *something”*could be!?! Santa’s sleigh? An elf? More Hittys visiting?

Then –  more magic!  Slowly, from the woods, a deer family walked up the hill and had a snack right outside the window!!!

Indoors, the Globensky Hittys had started decorating for Christmas. Ima admired the dolls and toys under the tabletop tree while Hitty Maude pointed out her favorite – the Christmas village on the mantle:

Hitty Sparrow enjoyed adding some special decorations to the display:

True to character, she lost interest in helping when she found a tin of Mamie’s holiday biscuits! Tea break!

In the kitchen, Mamie and Aunt Doll toasted a successful holiday baking session with some port:

Later, they took their libations outdoors while they watched Ima and Hitty Sparrow skating. The young ones were very entertaining as they scooted around, unsure on their wobbly pegs. Skating is harder than it looks!

All visits with Hitty Friends are too short (no matter how long) and the Hittys soon had to say their Goodbyes. Ima and Hitty Sparrow sang Christmas carols the entire drive home, as the landscape changed and the snow disappeared behind them.

Now that she is home again, Great Aunt Doll is feeling inspired to begin her holiday decorating:

The tree is a good start….perhaps a quick holiday tea break and she will finish…

We hope our Hitty Friends everywhere are finding joy in this festive season!

‘Til Next Time…

14 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. By Golly…the Northern Hittys enjoyed your visit immensely…you instilled Christmas spirit in their household! Know that you are always welcome ❤️ Mamie thinks Great aunt doll is quite the educated partner! She misses tea time and port breaks. Do come again…and bring company!


  2. Mamie and Great Auntie know how to amuse themselves and stay warm while enjoying watching the young ones having fun. Good for them.


    Love bj >


  3. Beautiful! A lovely story of your visit, truly a winter wonderland with lots of warm fuzzy love.

    ❤️❤️❤️ Esther

    Sent from my iPad



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