Do you ever have days when things feel out of sorts? You just can’t seem to settle in and things just feel out of focus and unsettled? Hitty Sparrow is having one of those days.

Here comes Hitty Judy! She is planning to read to Penny and the Teddy Bears.

“Would you like to join us?”

It is Hitty Sparrow’s favorite book!

Quickly she runs to the kitchen to ask Great Aunt Doll for a snack to share while Hitty Judy reads. She says a quick “Hello!” to Aunt Doll’s bird:

Then off to listen while Hitty Judy reads aloud. Hitty Sparrow invites Penny to sit on her lap:

And now…Hitty Sparrow can’t even remember feeling out of sorts. What a nice friend Hitty Judy is! We hope everyone is lucky enough to have a thoughtful friend like her ♥️

‘Til Next Time…


PS – Great Aunt Doll is baking something for the Hittys! Yum!

PPS – Many of the books in the post are available in our Etsy Store. You can find the link at the top of this page ♥️ or click HERE.  Yippee!


7 thoughts on “Doldrums

  1. Did that help your Doldrums? It helped mine . Lovely chapter.

    Thank you. The only time I even went out today was to throw out bird seed for th ground eaters. although usually the squirrel gets most of it although they haven’t ben here very much today.

    Working on putting today material and samples for a demonstration I am giving tomorrow at quilt shop for person who wants to make some. She is a very wonderful quilter and embroider (machine ) and crafts person and young, well kinda,and fun. I bought some material at the sale yesterday to make more pillow cases.. Of course I have a back room full of material but most of fabric I have to make cases for kids was used the retreat and besides the material was 4.00 yard on sale.Might get some more tomorrow.

    have good evening.

    Love bj >


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