A Little Trouble, A Lot of Fun

It has been almost two weeks since the Maxwell Hittys traveled to visit the Robertsons. Time does fly!

This time, Hitty Sparrow and Ima Robertson we’re making models. (Hitty Kate wanted to help, too!) A puppet theatre for Sparrow and a news stand for Ima. Painting was a messy affair:

Grandma Alice was not impressed! Hitty Kate wasn’t wearing a smock (oops! Off to find one!) and Hitty Sparrow certainly needed to be a bit more careful with the paint. Grandma Alice mostly wanted to be sure they cleaned up when they had finished. (They cleaned up thoroughly so that they would not get into more trouble! Grandma Alice is no fun when she is cross!)

After finishing, it was such fun to take turns with the puppet theatre! Ima Maxwell put on a lively production:

Hitty Judy and Hitty Colleen admired all the detail in Ima Robertson’s News Stand:

Hitty Colleen had a surprise for Hitty Sparrow and Hitty Judy. It was a gingerbread stand! The gingerbread smelled wonderful and tasted delicious! What a fun treat! (I spy a hedgehog who wants some too!)

The Maxwell Hittys brought a set of Raggedy Ann stories for the Robertson Hittys to enjoy. Ima Robertson had never read them before and was particularly taken with adventurous Raggedy Ann. “Wait until you read about the Camel with the Wrinkled Knees!”

Ima found a special place for the books on the book shelf. She will be sure to read them over and over again:

And so…another visit to the Robertson Hittys was over in a flash. It was hard to say goodbye, but we will see each other again soon…at the Sturbridge Miniatures Show! Yippee!

‘Til Next Time…


PS – For information on the 2019 Sturbridge show, please click HERE.

Judy Brown and Art to Play With Hitty will again be selling wonderful Miniatures for Hitty!

A selection of my miniature books will be available as well! Hooray!

Hope to see you there!


8 thoughts on “A Little Trouble, A Lot of Fun

  1. What fun you had working and painting together… and we look forward to the new books too for our library .. The Brown’s House Hittys


  2. Truly a fun visit! Delightful creations were made. The Maxwell and Robertson Hittys enjoy ever minute they spend together. Both families are looking forward to seeing each other again in Sturbridge.


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  3. I am sure that a wonderful time was had by all. Love the puppet theater. Look forward to seeing your handiwork soon.


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