In Maine for IGMA Guild School!

Hitty Jean can’t believe that 2019’s Guild School is already a memory. She was fortunate to be able to take Tine Krijnen’s bookbinding class again and loved every minute! Guild School takes place each June in Maine and the Maxwell Hittys stay in the same cottage every year. Pulling up to the cottage, the view was as spectacular as ever:

And the sunset the first night did not disappoint:

Hitty Jean had been wearing her Guild School apron for days. She was so excited when finally class began! Bookbinding is hard work and she had so much she wanted to learn. It was a productive first day:

One evening, Hitty Jean and Great Aunt Doll attended a seminar by Althea Crome. It was about micro knitting. Althea’s samples were amazing! And tiny! (Aunt Doll was too intensely focused to stop for a photo…)

Hitty Jean’s friends came along to Maine for moral support (and to have fun!) Ima made it her job to keep fresh daisies in the jug in the cottage. Everyone enjoyed them…(when they weren’t looking out at the view!)

Back in class, Hitty Jean was learning more about gilding. Gilding books is tricky business. Here, Hitty Jean is making a mess of this poor book’s spine:

Nevertheless, she persisted. It was an intense week. Hitty Sparrow and Ima stopped by one day during break to see her progress:

Despite her ruining a couple of covers, Tine asked Hitty Jean to sit next to her book display on graduation night. Here she is…can you tell how nervous she was? Lots of friendly people stopped by to look at her projects.

Classes had ended, but there was still a day left for some fun with friends. There was a visit to Rockland, Maine, where Hitty Jean met some lobsters:

And a dinner with good friends:

The next day, the cottage was packed up and the car loaded. Goodbyes were said and Hitty Jean had a last picture taken by Castine Harbor:

Another year of Guild School has come and gone. Now Hitty Jean is home again, practicing her bookbinding skills while Great Aunt Doll’s knitting needles click away in the parlor. What fun to learn new things!

We hope you enjoyed our memories of this year’s IGMA Guild School. If you are interested, click HERE for information.

‘Til Next Time…


13 thoughts on “In Maine for IGMA Guild School!

  1. Hitty Jean, you always capture the best of every moment! And you render justice to every precious site. What progress you have made! Your books are works of art and surely will be treasured. We commend your patience, hard work and dedication and wefeel privileged to count you as a dear friend. Hopefully, life will bring us together again next year as cottage neighbors and school participants. We also admire Great Aunt Doll’s superb knitting…she and Althea go together like sun and flowers!


  2. Fabulous, so happy to see your beautiful books and pictures… did you really knit all those squares in the pictures… wow… I guess I should not even ask, as Hitty has your beautiful sweater!!!


  3. so exciting to see HItty Jean in action. Her books are marvelous!! What a fun week for everyone in that lovely location. Thank you for sharing it with us.


  4. wow I must say Hitty Jean gets a chance to learn so many things every years and now Aunt Jean too.

    I think I would like to go for the view and lobsters and watching you all learn,





  5. I appreciate all the lovely pictures and descriptions of the fun you had, it made me sense how dreamy-eyed and peaceful it was between all the intensity of the classes. I am sure it was all a lot of very hard work in between the dreamy moments. I admire the ancient atlas – as well as your fabulous tiny books!


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