Hastings on Hudson

A whirlwind trip was taken to Hastings on Hudson, New York, for a crocheting class. Do you know about by Pollevie? Ellen is the woman with the magical crochet hook. She is known for her cheerful *Pollevie Wraps* which you can see are colorful and smile inducing:

Great Aunt Doll was thrilled to attend her class. She honed her crocheting skills and started her shawl. She also filled her market basket with the most beautiful yarns from the Observatory Shop, which hosted the class. Here she is, surrounded by one of her favorite things – yarn!

The five hour class went by so quickly! Aunt Doll left with some new skills and some new friends. A successful day! (How amazing is it that there was a miniature replica of the store, just her size?!)

It was fun to explore the area a tiny bit. Found Herbal Apothecary was another Hastings on Hudson favorite. Great Aunt Doll purchased some rose water – it smells lovely and will remind her of her adventure. (Bagels came home with her as well!)

Before the drive home, a stop for a last look at the Palisades. Hastings on Hudson has a bridge with a nice view of these cliffs along the Hudson River. Aunt Doll read about some nice hikes there, but that will have to be another trip.

And now home again, and her crochet hook is busy! Stay tuned!

‘Til Next Time


14 thoughts on “Hastings on Hudson

  1. Great to see GAD out and about and brushing up on her crochet techniques! Can’t wait to see what she’ll create next!!!! Wonderful that she found just the perfect size shop for herself…Mamie thinks Hastings on Hudson is a lovely place to visit and she hopes someday she might see some Pollevie inspired creations!!!!!

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  2. Looks like a wonderful adventure…….fun project and beautiful scenery! Fun to see it in miniature also.


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  3. I loved Aunt Dolls basket with her supplies. And of course the store! And the one that was just her size!! How did you ever entice her to leave??! Wonderful outing , thank you.


    • It was a fun day – the yarn store was a very apply and friendly place. I was so sad to leave! Great Aunt Doll couldn’t wait to get to the hotel to practice what she had learned 😊



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