Let’s Catch Up!

Grab a cup of tea…or your preferred warm beverage (it is cold here!) and let’s have a catch up!  Hitty Jean has so much to share, she is not sure where to start.  How about with this:


Hitty Jean had a wonderful visit to Chicago in August.  She loved the city and had such a nice visit.  She was able to take a river cruise to see her favorite building – the Wrigley Building:


The architecture in Chicago is amazing and Hitty Jean took it all in with frequent outbursts of, “Look at that!!!  The detail!!!  Unbelievable!”

Like this fellow on top of a library – Look at that!  The detail!  Unbelievable!!!


Some of you may recognize this one:


Hitty Jean was beside herself on the day she met this lion outside the Art Institute of Chicago.  Do you know what she was about to see?

Down the stairs….not to the restroom (though an appreciated convenience):


Hitty Jean was finally visiting the Thorne Rooms!!!!  Hitty Jean has read anything she can lay her hands on that has to do with the Thorne Rooms.  What a privilege to be able to see them in person. Here is a particular favorite:


What a special day.  Hitty Jean’s only complaint was that she could not actually go inside the rooms as they were all behind glass.
What a lovely place Chicago is!

After Chicago, there was a whirlwind trip to Martha’s Vineyard on the sailboat.  When Hitty Jean says whirl*wind* she means wind!  She was able to spend a few days touring about.  The Victorian Cottages in Oak Bluffs are always fun to visit:


Hitty Jean discovered the perfect residence on the porch of one of the cottages.  She never did get to explore it though.  Sadly, the weather became so windy that staying on the sailboat became increasingly uncomfortable. Hitty Jean and company departed early and took the ferry home to dry land.
And that is all about Martha’s Vineyard…

In other news, there were some get togethers with friends this Fall.  Do you recognize anyone?  As usual (and despite Mamie’s best efforts), the Hittys were having too much fun to stop chatting and pose properly for a photo:


In October, Hitty Jean and Hitty Sparrow went to visit the Robertson Hittys.  It is always wonderful to visit there as the Robertsons are a busy bunch and always have interesting things going on.

Hitty Kate showed Hitty Jean the new Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood bookshelf in the classroom.  The Robertsons live outside of Pittsburgh (some of the Maxwells are from there too) and Mr. Rogers is a local celebrity.  Did you ever watch Mr. Rogers on TV?  (Bookcase kit is from Robin Betterley Miniatures)


Hitty Robertson is doing well:


Hitty Colleen immediately claimed the sweater Great Aunt Doll had brought along.  (Some things never change!)  She wore it to school to show all the other Hittys:


It was getting close to Halloween and the classroom had a witch decoration hung up that Hitty Sparrow really wanted to bring home.  (Of course she didn’t…)


And now, the Hittys are all home.  Great Aunt Doll is knitting away, Ima and the Hittys are busy making cookies, playing games and enjoying the last of the Autumn weather.  Thanksgiving is very much on everyone’s mind.


It is good to be Home.

‘Til Next Time…

P.S.- Great Aunt Doll has a couple of sweaters for sale in the Etsy Shop (link at top of page or click HERE)


P.P.S.- Thank you so much for catching up with us.  As usual, you can click on any of the highlighted words on this post for more information.

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  1. Hitty Jean certainly lives an interesting and fun life. The Robertsons always enjoy her visits. Enjoyed the post!


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